archives website coming july 1 08.08.12.layers 08.07.29.onramp 08.04.06.lonely leaf 08.01.29.waiting 07.07.09.allans walk 07.07.04.heads down swan ii 07.07.02.golden star 07.07.01.kennington reservoir 07.06.30.urban decay rescue 07.06.28.untitled 18 07.06.27.untitled 17 07.06.02.light and dark 07.06.01.railway line sunset 07.05.28.farley mowat 07.05.27.things in the air 07.05.26.rain and shine 07.05.25.untitled 16 07.05.24.untitled xv crow 07.05.13.bark 07.05.12.ranger on patrol 07.05.11.flame 07.05.10.untitled xiv 07.05.09.prepare to stop 07.05.08.bendigo bank crane 07.05.07.untitled xiii 07.05.06.untitled xii 07.05.05.tribute: 07.05.04.untitled xi 07.05.03.downpour: 07.05.02.untitled x 07.05.01.celebration: 07.04.30.untitled ix 07.04.07.haze over bendigo docklands 07.03.14.fawlty towers stairwell 07.01.29.reflected moth 07.01.28.untitled viii entry 07.01.26.australia day 2007 9: homeward bound 8: adelaide 8: mt lofty 7: adelaide botanical gardens 7: state library of sa 7: adelaide 6: adelaide central market 6: the road to adelaide 5: robe 5: naracoorte caves 5: mount gambier 4: mount gambier 4: princess margaret rose caves 4: cape bridgewater 4: portland bay 4: codrington 4: tower hill 3: port fairy 3: warrnambool 3: london bridge 3: port campbell 3: loch ard gorge 3: gibson steps 3: princetown 2: the twelve apostles 2: melba gully 2: cape otway 2: deans marsh-great ocean road-apollo bay 1: lorne 1: ballarat 06.12.24.merry christmas 06.12.20.smoke at sunrise 06.11.11.pavilion burns in arson attack 06.11.10.up the creek 06.11.09.docklands twilight 06.11.08.untitled vii 06.11.07.blaze destroys hay shed at night down a street near you 06.11.04.seeing the light 06.11.03.historic orphanage saved from fire 06.08.09.untitled vi 06.08.08.untitled v 06.08.01.things you don't see every day ii 06.07.31.things you don't see every day 06.07.27.urban sunset ii 06.07.25.lights and sirens 06.07.12.elmore 06.06.26.untitled iv 06.06.25.easter parade 06.06.24.objects in mirror 06.06.23.pipes 06.06.22.dry chalk 06.06.21.untitled iii year on 06.04.12.shadow on a wall motion 06.03.02.a walk around bendigo part 2 06.03.01.a walk around bendigo part 1 06.01.29.after the storm 06.01.27.australia day ii 06.01.26.australia day i 06.01.21.thunderbolts and lightning 06.01.20.summer storm 06.01.19.untitled ii 06.01.18.september sunset 06.01.15.moo! 06.01.14.mount macedon and malmsbury 05.12.22.classroom gutted by fire 05.11.25.snapped up in the action (and the advertiser) 05.11.24.scoresby cfa 05.11.15.thousands protest new workplace laws 05.11.02.beacon in the light 05.10.22.nothing to see here 05.10.21.on the rails 05.10.20.calm before the storm 05.10.19.savings for a rainy day 05.10.13.we like the moon 05.10.12.gummibärchenliebe 05.10.11.fields of beige 05.10.10.bicycles and flowers into the sunset 05.10.08.close encounters of the blurred kind 05.10.07.where the choo choo go 05.09.23.spring has sprung the magpie strut the rails 05.09.05.cheeky 05.08.26.urban sunset 05.08.19.under the bridge damaged by basement blaze 05.08.08.miracle escape 05.08.07.big cheese 05.08.04.a big day part ii 05.08.03.a big day in a big city 05.07.28.holier than thou's been a while 05.07.06.sheeep with dots hot heat 05.07.03.untitled i 05.07.02.sing along with the common people 05.07.01.happy new financial year 05.06.30.alleys and beaches 05.06.29.mountains and beaches 05.06.28.i'm with the band 05.06.27.rising sun, setting sun 05.06.26.urban renewed 05.06.25.sports, bikes, cash 05.06.24.good enough to drink 05.06.23.not another one 05.06.22.tyred! 05.06.21.a rainy day 05.06.20.the beginning of time

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